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IFP is a business planning system that can be used as a standalone system or can be used in combination with local sales/order processing and general ledger systems (e.g. SAP or BPCS). The system specifically focuses on planning and analysis of sales and P&L data.

In addition to its standard applications, IFP can also combine, plan and analyse data from multiple sources (e.g. total market and competitor sales data).

IFP provides an easy to use, but highly flexible and powerful planning and analysis environment. The application was originally developed for use by multinational corporations for local subsidiary planning and analysis, together with ease of reporting and consolidation of data across markets. However, the latest version of IFP is suitable for use by most organisations, whatever their size and whether they trade in single or multiple markets.

IFP includes very flexible tools for importing codes and actual/forecast data from both internal and external sales/general ledger databases. Download and import of actual/forecast data may be fully automated. Hence, routine work required to maintain IFP databases can be kept to a minimum.

IFP in 3 minutes

IFP in 3 minutes video

View a 3 minute video showing some of the main features of IFP.