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Key Graphics Features in IFP

IFP presents a wide range of high quality graphical output to support practical data analysis.

  • Many graph types (e.g. line, column, bar, pie, area) and combinations
  • Comprehensive interactive adjustment of graph types and styles
  • Flexible period options (e.g. daily, monthly, quarterly)
  • Graphs of single and multiple items for single and multiple files (e.g. actual vs. forecast)
  • Cumulative, MAT, moving average and Z-chart options
  • Highly flexible model for creating graph sets containing many graphs
  • Dashboards including multiple graph sets and reports 
  • Hierarchical and/or user specified definitions of contents of graph sets
  • Flexible options for copying/pasting and saving of images
  • Automation of creation of output for any number of graph sets 

Sample Screenshots

  1. IFP Analysis vs Time Graph
    Analysis vs Time Graph
  2. Dashboard sample screenshot
  3. IFP File Comparison Graph
    File Comparison Graph
  4. IFP Item Comparison Graph
    Item Comparison Graph
  5. IFP Z Chart
    Z Chart