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P&L Forecasting Methodology in IFP

  • Planning of income and expense data using a flexible coding scheme including many variables (e.g. company, country, cost centre, account and product)
  • Easy creation and mapping of variables to support planning and data analysis (e.g. consolidated account codes, brands and cost/profit centre hierarchy variables)
  • Flexible methods for centralised and de-centralised planning
  • Models for allocation of expenses by any variable (e.g. by business unit or product)
  • Easy management and comparison of multiple scenarios
  • Full multi-user support for simultaneous manipulation of forecast data
  • Simple tools to restrict access of individual users to forecast data

Sample Screenshots

  1. Comparison of multiple scenarios screenshot
    Comparison of multiple scenarios
  2. Flexible coding scheme screenshot
    Flexible coding scheme

P&L (Profit and Loss) Forecasting in IFP - Video

View a video introduction to the P&L forecast editing features in IFP.

P&L (Profit and Loss) Forecast Editing in IFP video