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P&L Analysis Features in IFP

  • Flexible coding scheme allowing both hierarchical and non-hierarchical grouping of data
  • Wide range of basic report templates for actual/forecast data
  • Comprehensive range of variance analysis options and squeeze reports
  • Powerful designers for rows and columns of any report
  • Flexible models for creation of P&Ls by variables such as business unit and product
  • Option to analyse databases containing balance sheet data
  • Easy consolidation of data from multiple databases using different local coding schemes and base currencies
  • Support for multiple planning currencies
  • Validation of locally mappings of consolidation variables

Sample Screenshots

  1. P&L variances analysis screenshot
    P&L variances analysis
  2. P&L by Business Unit analysis screenshot
    P&L by Business Unit analysis

P&L (Profit and Loss) Forecasting in IFP - Video

View a video introduction to the P&L forecast editing features in IFP.

P&L (Profit and Loss) Forecast Editing in IFP video