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Key Reporting Features in IFP

IFP provides a powerful and user friendly tool for creating reports including:

  • Very flexible design of reports and graphical output including both hierarchical and user defined line and column definitions
  • Powerful report viewing tools to support split views of reports and graphs and the creation of dashboards
  • Drill-down functionality available in all reports
  • Simple tools for export of reports into applications such as Excel, including formulae
  • Options to save and retrieve report parameters for convenient building of routine output
  • Tools for maintenance and viewing of output of projects containing a structured set of reports and graphs
  • Supports use of scheduled tasks to fully automate creation of output for a specified set of reports and graphs

Sample Screenshots

  1. IFP Analysis vs Time Report
    Analysis vs Time Report
  2. Dashboard screenshot
  3. Drill-down report screenshot
    Drill-down report
  4. IFP Project Viewer
    IFP Project Viewer