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Key features of Sales Planning in IFP

  • Planning of sales units, prices, values and cost of goods
  • Wide range of forecasting models including statistical models for trends and seasonality
  • Models relating demand to a set of external variables
  • Historical data may be adjusted/converted to provide a sound base for trend projection
  • Models for separate planning of non-sales volumes (e.g. bonus goods)
  • Options for separate planning by variables such as channel of trade, region or country
  • Split views allowing evaluation of actual/forecast data in many report/graphical formats while manipulating forecasts
  • Full multi-user support for simultaneous manipulation of forecast data
  • Simple tools to restrict access of individual users to forecast data
  • Models for conversion of demand forecasts into requirements plans using data on inventories, MOQs, lead times and safety stocks
  • Flexible costing model including local and intercompany costs with multiple purchase currency and exchange rate options

Sample Screenshots

  1. Statistical Forecasting screenshot
    Statistical Forecasting
  2. Cost of goods sold screenshot
    Cost of goods sold (COGS)

Sales Planning and Analysis in IFP - Video

View a video introduction to the forecast editors used in IFP.

Sales Planning in IFP video