Skip Navigation LinksAdvantages of IFP

  • Very powerful and user friendly analysis tool that allows users to rapidly develop a huge range of useful analyses
  • Provides large savings in resources by providing tools for automation of routine daily/monthly reports and graphical analyses
  • Centralised database containing data for all scenarios giving one consistent source for agreed actual and forecast values
  • Avoids typical confusion and uncertainty involved in locating final agreed versions of latest forecasts when using Excel as the planning tool
  • Provides users at all levels with a powerful tool for planning at any level of detail for any part of the organisation
  • Includes a properly formulated model for both top-down and bottom-up planning that produces correct pro-rata effects of changes at any level¬†
  • Automatic consolidation of latest input from all users into planning process
  • Ease of comparison of different scenarios vs. actuals and forecasts made in previous periods
  • Complete solution to planning and analysis at a moderate cost