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Many individuals will find IFP an invaluable tool. Example applications are as follows:

Finance directors

  • Analysis and monitoring of actual/forecast trends and variances in key product sales and P&Ls.
  • Profitability analyses. Use as an early warning system with KPIs

Financial analysts

  • Production of regular reporting packages.
  • Detailed analysis of variances between actual and forecast sales and expenses.

Product management

  • Analysis and monitoring of actual/forecast trends in sales and expense allocations for selected products.

Market analysts

  • Analysis and forecasting of sales trends, market sizes, shares and EIs.
  • Performance measurement by region, PSR

Logistics managers

  • Creation and monitoring of demand forecasts and associated requirements plans. Measurement of forecast accuracy.

Business unit management

  • Analysis and planning of sales and expenses, business unit P&Ls.
  • Measurement of product profitability and key ratios.

HR Managers

  • Planning of employment costs by person
  • Analysis of actual variances vs. forecast costs