Sales and Expense Analysis

Quickly drill down into data at any level of detail and have the freedom to customise any report dimension on-the-fly.

Reporting and Analysis

IFP has a highly flexible and powerful financial reporting engine, providing both hierarchical and user-designed reports. You can customise as little or as much as you like – straightforward to do yourself or have our in-house team do it for you.

Reports are easily created using a wizard; your selections can be shared across multiple report layouts. Dynamic reports can be run from your home screen with a single click and shared with your team.

Use dynamic periods to easily create YTD and QTD analyses using just your actuals or viewing variances at different levels.

Multiple reports and graphs can be grouped together into Dashboards. Reports are easily exported to Excel, PowerBI or custom formats for importing into your other systems.

IFP includes many commonly-used analyses (examples below), whilst others can be easily built or customised:

  • Budget Variance
  • Volume, Price & Exchange Variance Analysis
  • Forecast Accuracy
  • Ex-Exchange Variance Analysis

Levels of Detail

Store expense data at low levels of detail (such as General Ledger Account) allowing you to drill-down into your expenses to find the cause of any variances.

Easily add new dimensions to your data when these are required – with no programming knowledge required.